Andrew Hill (1986) is a composer of electroacoustic music specialising in studio composed works both acousmatic (purely sound based) and audio-visual. His works have been performed extensively across the UK as well as in Europe and the US.

He is Lecturer in Sound Design and Music Technology at the University of Greenwich.


He worked as the main content developer for the EARS2 (Pedagogical Electroacoustic Resource Site) project, has tought at a range of UK universities, is a director of Hear Th↓s Space, and organises public events including Visible Bits, Audible Bytes.

The MUSIC page presents lists of recent works (in a reverse chronological order) divided into the categories of Acousmatic, Audio-visual and Live Performance.

The RESEARCH page presents a list of current and previous Projects, Publications and Presentations.

[ Curriculum Vitae ]

Documentary and Film

Films About

In 2014 John Hess from BBC East Midlands made a short news film about Andrew's work as part of the AHRC funded Affective Digital Histories project.


This film was broadcast on the regional BBC news 30th July 2014 and was accompanied by an online news article: 'Lost Sounds'.

"Changing Sounds of an Industrial City" - BBC News spot Evening.

Films Made

Documentary films commissioned by John Richards and Dirty Electronics. These works seek to capture the ambience and atmosphere of being involved in a Dirty Electronics workshop.

Charge/Discharge (2012) by John Richards [Documentary & Performance] from Andrew Hill on Vimeo.

Dirty Electronics Lead & Schemas from Emma Knight on Vimeo.

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